Product Manager vs Product Marketing Manager

www.professionalproductmanagement.com The Product Marketing Manager handles the go to market of the product. They are compelling story tellers who can turn a list of features into value and benefits that the customer can't wait to have.

Whereas Product Managers focus on defining and delivering features, it is the Product Marketing Manager's role to break down even the most complex of feature concepts into simple succinct compelling messages for each customer persona.

Product Marketing Managers have deep knowledge of how their product compares to others and can pull out competitive advantages by highlighting value and benefit from angles that resonate to internal and external audiences.

Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers work closely together. With the role title sounding similar, the addition of 'Marketing' within the title of a Product Marketing Manager emphasizes the key difference in the roles.

The Product Manager leads the whole product development cycle for a product, or a product release and they take the what and the why through the development process, where the engineering work on the how and build the product.

The Product Marketing Manager is responsible for all the communications around the product. They turn the list of features into value, benefits and unique value proposition for internal audiences, such as the sales team and for external customers who they segment into groups of different buyer personas. With a deep knowledge of the industry, and of competitive players in the market, the Product Marketing Manager comes up with messaging that resonates for each customer persona.

Both the Product Manager and the Product Marketing Manager focus on providing value for customers. The Product Manager focuses on providing that value by building products with features that address pain points, whereas the Product Marketing Manager focuses on showcasing and positioning that value by building messaging and story telling around it.

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